Audio Tour of The Old Town

RigaQuest — is the most exciting tour round Old Riga.
The rout starts at Town Hall square and ends on Bastion Hill. You will meet all the sights of Old Town on the way: St. Peter's Church, Dom Cathedral, Freedom monument and many others. Plunge into the Middle Ages!

How to use?

  • Download application Audio Tour of Old Riga Town. Available on Google Play for Android devices.
  • Get to the quest start (red flag on the map).
  • Click on location icon to play audio.
  • Enjoy the story!

Listen samples

About the quest

Our tour consists of 62 points and tells about the most interesting places of Old Riga. Legends, historical facts - we tried to present it all in a fascinating form.

We recommend to take a tour in order, for this we numbered all locations. The start is marked with a red flag and is located on the Town Hall Square.
The tour can also be passed according to your abilities and desires. The entire route takes about 4.5 hours.