Audio Tour of The Old Town

RigaQuest — is the most exciting tour round Old Riga.
The rout starts at Town Hall square and ends on Bastion Hill. You will meet all the sights of Old Town on the way: St. Peter's Church, Dom Cathedral, Freedom monument and many others. Plunge into the Middle Ages!

Here you can download Old Riga map FOR FREE.

How to use?

  • Download the map to your phone or just print it out
  • Call +371 27 23 25 02 when you are at the route
  • Dial location number
  • Enjoy the story!

Listen samples

Information on phone call

Duration of the record — 1.5 hours.
Price with pre-paid cards — 0,18 LVL per minute.
Recommended pre-paid card — BITE

Pre-paid cards are on sale in PlusPunkts, Narvesen and other shops.
Recommended value of pre-paid card — 8 LVL